Design Centre

The Design Centre was developed to provide a concept image for Nolan Group products used in their typical application. The quick and easy 3 step process allows you to choose a product, select an environment and apply the desired colour. A concept image is produced and can be used in the planning process for any project.

Carpet Tiles

The Nolan carpet Tile Collection provides endless options for design, texture and colour. Test your creativity where the only limits are set by your imagination....

Acoustic Solutions

The Nolan range of acoustic products offer a function and stylish solution to controlling unwanted noise. Not only will the perform, they can be used as a design feature....

Commercial Upholstery

Commercial furniture can finish an environment when used cleverly. There are countless design options in the Nolan Collection. Get creative with out stock programs here....

Nolan Carpets Catalogues

Explore unique designs, innovative concepts and creative spaces. Click here and let your imagination to do the work…

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